Not all tech startups survive, especially considering how hot and competitive the current tech environment can be. In many cities, the prevailing market conditions and government regulatory requirements also add to the challenges being faced by these startups. In order to succeed, it is important to launch your business idea in a place that is attractive for your operations. In this case, Vancouver should be one of the options on the top of your list. In several recent studies and industry surveys, Vancouver has been increasingly high on lists of the best cities to launch your startup. The results are astounding and will surely give companies a good idea on where to get their business started.

Why is Vancouver loved in the tech community? Here are a handful of reasons:


High Talent at a Lower Price

One of the main reasons why Vancouver is hot is the fact that it has a relatively inexpensive talent that is highly skilled. Even with the affordable talent, you can be sure that they have the knowledge and skills that will be essential in the success of tech startups. The skill level of their software developers are way beyond what you can see in other places. Half of the population of the city has a degree from a university or college and 75,000 tech professionals are reported to be working in Vancouver. With skills in engineering, production, and information technology, their skills will be beneficial for tech businesses.


A Collaborative Ecosystem

Vancouver’s tech ecosystem is booming and becoming embedded in the culture of the city. Talking about startup ideas, the importance of design or coding woes while hiking are not uncommon to Vancouverites. This culture of support is largely fostered by the many community partners in Vancouver that host, connect and educate entrepreneurs. The Vancouver Economic Commission(VEC), for example, main mission is positioning Vancouver as the next major tech ecosystem and they accomplish this goal with strategic programs and initiatives. Organizations like VEC are the backbone of Vancouver’s startup ecosystem.


Higher Quality of Life

The success of startups will be influenced by the quality of life in its location. With such, there is another reason why Vancouver is on the top of the list. By 2020, it is expected to be the greenest city in the world, it’s outdoor activities (namely hiking, skiing and surfing) are world class and its mild temperature makes it stand out from the snowy winters of the East Coast. It also has significantly lower cost of living compared to San Francisco and New York City. With an exceptional quality of life, you can expect more productive employees.


The Rise of Development Bootcamps

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of bootcamps in Vancouver. This will provide people with an alternative to conventional education. Through bootcamps, students can be trained specific technical skills, which they can use in their respective jobs. There are many coding bootcamps, such as Brainstation, Red Academy, and Lighthouse Labs, among others. The rise of the bootcamps is helping develop a highly talented employee base for tech companies.