I created and delivered a presentation on Human Centered Design principles for a new sales team that was unfamiliar with these concepts. In the presentation, I covered the fundamentals of user journey mapping, HTML/CSS front-end changes and designing high-conversion pages.



Create a user experience training program that interactively explains the concepts of user journeys, website optimizations, and basic HTML/CSS.

Design Process

Audience Research – Understand the needs of individuals in the sales team

Created Presentation– Developed an interactive training program that includes exercises, challenges, and tutorials


  • UI/UX Principles – Develop training modules that help attendees understand concepts like user journeys, call-to-actions, and conversions
  • Basic HTML/CSS – Demonstrated the fundamentals of HTML/CSS so the sales team can make website changes independently of the product team
  • Forming Insights – Challenged attendees to form insights from analytic data
  • Website Optimization – Allowed students to change elements of a test website to optimize the User Journey

An exercise that challenged people to understand the goal of advertisers in marketing. The answer to the question "Has the goal been achieved?" is "No" because the user has not clicked "Signup" - the goal in our example.

Demonstrated that not all data is important when optimizing. In this example, the signup rate is irrelevant as the question is "Which Landing Page is better?" Likewise, landing Page 1 is the best because it has the lowest bounce rate.

Helped demonstrate how to make inferences from data to a sales team that has never had to use data before.

Demonstrating the fundamental structure of a common HTML tool. Colour-coordinated so it was easier to understand.Outcome

Workshop was presented to the sales team and implemented into mandatory training for new employees.