During my internship at Sunteng, I evaluated the usability of our English-facing product by conducting user research. This end-to-end process started with identifying a representative sample of users and ended with actionable items to improve the user experience of our SaaS product.



Spearhead qualitative user research on the self-serve product by conducting usability tests.

Design Process

Persona – Developed a persona for a new client, specifying their knowledge level, product goals, and business type

Define Usability Test – Outlined areas to be tested, who would test them and the timeline within the confines of budget

Tasked with analyzing the user experience of the company's main product - a data management platform called BiddingX.

Usability Test – Conducted usability test myself of the several key parts of the product, recording

  • First impressions
  • Eye tracking
  • Calls to Action
  • Logic
  • Questions that arose
  • Goals on certain pages
  • Rationale for making certain actions


Conducted comprehensive usability tests to identify the user experience of our users.

Formalized Research – Made qualitative thoughts into tangible and understandable pieces for the product team

Created actionable items – Synthesized user experience problems into fixes to be made by technical team

Presented Findings – Communicated qualitative information to C-level leadership

Translated user experience from tests into actionable items to improve the UX of the product.


Synthesized qualitative research into actionable items for backend team to improve the products.