Management was overburdened with business cards from industry events and had negative experiences with existing business card scanning apps.


Design an application that allows individuals to easily scan and organize contact cards for follow-up.

Design Process

Stakeholder Interviews – Collected goals, opinions and product features from management.

Brainstorm – Team of three brainstormed features, user interactions, and pain points.

Competitor Research and Competitive Audit – Found useful interactions, analyzed business model and identified unique value proposition

Excerpts from a thorough industry analysis of competitors and their key product features, UI and technology.

Persona – Compiled qualities of ideal user into a single persona

Sketching – Synthesized information into sketched wireframes of initial concept

Initial sketches after brainstorming. Mapped user journey and key features.

Built Prototype – Used Sketch to design basic functionality and core app screens

Usability test – Created InVision mock-up and allowed target user to try version 1

First UI after sketching

Feedback – Collected input on Sketch design and then built basic wireframes

Scrapped a core feature – Realized it was not technically feasible and altered design to meet constraints.

Iterated – Iterated with new information and input from usability tes

With frequent testing, iterated complete layouts several times.

Hired a full-stack developer to build the designs – Recruited based on past experience in similar projects

Iterated due to technical constraints – Reorganized tagging system to fit with data categories

I iterated and simplified every part of the product.

Streamlined – Simplified app from 36 screens to 16 to optimize the user experience

After testing and iterating, the final versions were created


Worked with a full-stack developer to fully develop the prototype from mockup to implementation.