While their technology is industry leading, the company’s website was dated and not user-friendly.


To secure the internship, I proactively redesigned the company’s website to increase usability, reinforce reputation and reduce high bounce rates.

Design Process

Company Research – Conducted a thorough dive into the companies’ products, clients, and press releases

Value Proposition – Distilled information into main value propositions for the company: simplicity and power

Competitor Research – Analyzed the design and messaging of competitors in the industry

Outlined Goals – Described the objectives and the call-to-actions of the redesigned website

Original homepage lacked a useful call to action and sufficient product information. The user interface was also dated and required an update.

Created Wireframes – Positioned key elements on the website

Designed User Interface – Designed the “look and feel” of the website, taking into consideration:

  • Brand consistency
  • Cultural quirks (red is seen as a very positive color in China)
  • Target Audience
  • Goals
  • Simplicity
  • Brand Personality

Documented Rationale – Submitted detailed explanation of the redesign with the design proposal


The redesigned landing page with updated messaging and a more distinct call-to-action

Purposefully highlighting technical features in an infographic and skim-able style.

As a Chinese technology company, establishing reputation is essential when attracting overseas clients.



I secured the internship and elements of my design were implemented into the live website.