To secure an internship, I proactively redesigned the company’s website to increase usability, reinforce reputation and reduce high bounce rates.



Redesign the company’s website in order to better capture the value proposition for North American clients.

Design Process

Company Research – Conducted a thorough dive into the companies’ products, clients, and press releases

Value Proposition – Distilled information into main value propositions for the company: simplicity and power

Competitor Research – Analyzed the design and messaging of competitors in the industry

Outlined Goals – Described the objectives and the call-to-actions of the redesigned website

Original homepage lacked a useful call to action and sufficient product information. The user interface was also dated and required an update.

Created Wireframes – Positioned key elements on the website

Designed User Interface – Designed the “look and feel” of the website, taking into consideration:

  • Brand consistency
  • Cultural quirks (red is seen as a very positive color in China)
  • Target Audience
  • Goals
  • Simplicity
  • Brand Personality

Documented Rationale – Submitted detailed explanation of the redesign with the design proposal


The redesigned landing page with updated messaging and a more distinct call-to-action

Purposefully highlighting technical features in an infographic and skim-able style.

As a Chinese technology company, establishing reputation is essential when attracting overseas clients.



I secured the internship and elements of my design were implemented into the live website.